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Construction on the Training Facility has begun.

Use the following links to follow along with the progress:

Jackson Baseball is proud to announce the Training Facility Project has commenced. The pre-engineered steel building has been ordered and the drawings are being finalized and distributed to subcontractors for bids.

This 9,700 square foot facility will allow players K-12th to develop year round. It will also foster greater community amongst youth players, high school players, alumni players, youth coaches and high school coaches.

We need your financial support to fund this project!  To contribute, visit our GoFundMe Page or contact Scott Life ( or 330-268-7741) if you prefer to make a direct donation.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (including exciting recognition levels for donors) below to learn more about this exciting project for Jackson Baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tax dollars being used to construct this facility?
No. No school money is being used for this project. All funding will be provided through fundraising efforts led by Jackson Baseball.

Is the facility only for the high school team?
No. Varsity head coach Bill Gamble has a vision of "K to Life" for this facility - meaning it will be accessible to future players, current players and past players. The scheduling coordination will be managed by the Varsity Program staff to ensure "K to Life" players have access to this great new facility. 

Where will the facility be located?
The practice facility will be located at Jackson High School on the third base side of the varsity baseball field.

Why should I contribute?
We want to build on our success. The 2014 & 2017 state championships, the 2014/15/16/17/18 District Championships and the 2014/15/16/17/18 Federal League Championships are clear indications of a thriving baseball program. Adding this practice facility further strengthens the "K to Life" mentality of the Jackson Baseball program. Coach Bill Gamble and his staff are firm believers in player and coach development - and this practice facility helps us take our program to the next level. Youth players, high school players, youth coaches and high school coaches all stand to gain from the sense of community this new facility will foster. This is an incredible investment in our program's future.

How can I contribute?
There are several ways you can contribute...

  • Direct donation - Jackson Baseball can accept a cash or check donation towards this project. And because we have tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible. Further, your employer may have a "matching donation" benefit - so please be sure to ask if they are willing to double the impact of your donation!
  • Stock/Securities - Jackson Baseball is now able to accept gifts of stock. Please contact us for details on how to transfer gifts of stock to our brokerage account.
  • GoFundMe - we have a GoFundMe page for conveniently making online donations. Please visit to make your tax deductible donation.

We have various recognition opportunities for donors at these contribution levels:

  • $250-$499 - you will have a personalized 4"x8" brick placed in the plaza immediately outside this new facility.
  • $500-$999 - you will have a personalized nameplate placed on a locker recognizing your family or organization (50 available).
  • $1,000-$4,999 - you will have a personalized 8"x8" brick placed in the plaza immediately outside this facility and a plaque recognizing your family or organization in the lobby of the practice facility.
  • $5,000-$9,999 - you will have a 5' x 3' banner hung inside the practice facility recognizing your family or business (10 available).
  • $10,000+ - you will have a 8' x 5' banner on a hitting tunnel (4 available). You can also choose from several other prominent locations for your 8' x 5' banner (7 available).

Non-cash donations:

  • If you are in the building trades industry and want to donate time and/or materials towards the construction of this facility, please contact Jackson Baseball with your contact information. The project's general contractor will reach out to you to discuss more details.

If you still have questions, please contact Jackson Baseball for more information.